Iveco Daily 70 C is produced by SYA Mobil in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the owner.

Iveco Daily 70 C offers the advantage of a safe journey for the owner in difficult weather and road conditions.

The interior areas (kitchen, seating area, washbasin, etc.) in this caravan provide the owner with the opportunity to make a comfortable journey.

The balcony in the specially designed caravan allows the owner to relax during his travels thanks to its useful area.

Technical Details

The automatic stability system is used to properly stabilise the Alkovenli Living Caravan. It allows users to use the caravan in a safe, comfortable and easy way.

The remote control caravan control system offers users the advantage of comfortable use.

The 40 mm insulated frame refers to the thickness of the outer walls of the caravan. It helps to control the internal temperature while protecting the interior of the caravan from external weather conditions. The insulated frame offers the user the advantages of heat retention, energy efficiency, sound insulation, year-round use and durability.

Truma diesel water and space heating system is a system used to heat the interior and provide hot water. With its high efficiency and ease of use, this system provides users with heating function and hot water production.

The Victron energy system is used to meet the energy needs of the caravan, optimise energy and make your trip more comfortable. The Victron energy system offers caravan owners the opportunity to use their energy system more efficiently and have a smooth travelling experience.

The Thetford refrigerator is designed to keep your food fresh and store your cold drinks while travelling. It is a useful equipment that travellers can use to meet their food storage needs and prepare their meals while on the road. Thetford refrigerator allows you to experience the comfort of home and makes your travelling experience more enjoyable.

Thetford oven is useful kitchen equipment that allows travellers to cook and prepare different dishes in the caravan. Thetford oven is an important kitchen equipment that allows you to experience home comfort. It is useful for preparing all kinds of dishes and makes your travelling experience more enjoyable.

The Thetford cooker sink combination is a handy solution for those who want to meet their kitchen needs and cook while on the road. It allows you to experience the comfort of home in the caravan and makes your travelling experience more enjoyable.

A 400 litre capacity stainless clean water tank represents a great water storage solution. The 400 litre stainless clean water tank offers a reliable and long-term solution for water supply. This tank offers advantages to users by enabling the transport and storage of water.

The 200 litre waste water tank represents a storage solution for storing and transporting the caravan's waste water. This tank is used to collect and properly dispose of the caravan's waste water such as toilet, kitchen sink or shower. It plays an important role in waste water management for caravan owners. Proper collection and storage of waste water makes the travelling experience more comfortable and environmentally friendly.