Mankat Maniac, designed for Atik family, stands out with its features among special design caravans.

SYA Mobil has worked with 1st class workmanship in this special design caravan designed for Atik family.

In line with special requests and requirements, fireplace, oven, washing machine, etc. equipment and appropriate processes for the operation of these equipment were made in the caravan.

Mankat Maniac special design caravan offers the opportunity to travel comfortably on challenging roads.

This special design caravan has been produced to make the Atik family feel at home while travelling.

The facilities it offers offer advantages to the Atik family in route-free travelling and road conditions suitable for all seasons.

Technical Details

In caravan manufacturing, special insulated 60 mm panels are used to cover the interior and exterior surfaces of the caravan or to form its structural elements. The panels are covered with high quality insulation materials with a thickness of 60 mm. This protects the interior of the caravan from hot or cold weather conditions and improves energy efficiency.

The remote control caravan control system helps to use the caravan more efficiently and makes the travelling experience more enjoyable.

Raptor paint on the panel is a type of paint used to protect the exterior surfaces of the caravan and increase its durability. This paint creates a more resistant surface against scratches, impacts and weather conditions. This ensures a longer life of the caravan.

A hydraulic system is a technology used to perform various functions using a mechanism that transmits energy using fluid (usually oil). Hydraulic opening balconies increase the living space of the caravan by using a mechanism that allows an area outside the caravan to be easily expanded. The hydraulic balcony is a popular option to make the travelling experience more enjoyable. It provides the user with more living space, comfort, easy handling and aesthetic appearance.

The caravan uses the Eco Flow energy system to charge electrical devices, run electrical equipment such as lighting and even air conditioning. It helps to power the caravan for long-term travelling.

The Dometic refrigerator ensures that the food you make or take stays fresh while camping on your designated route or travelling as you wish.

The Thetford oven allows you to cook delicious meals in the caravan, allowing you to have pleasant moments.

The custom designed stove gives the caravan a personal touch as well as the advantage of temperature control and cooking.

Custom interior design is a great way to create a lifestyle experience. Caravan interior design; purpose of use, furniture selection, budget, material selection, aesthetic impression, etc. It is shaped according to the conditions.