Mercedes Atego 4x4 caravan model is an option that attracts the attention of caravan lovers and nature enthusiasts.

SYA Mobil has used the latest technology and engineering features while developing this caravan model. In this way, users are offered a reliable and durable off-road experience.

Mercedes Atego 4x4 special design caravan model offers a range of comfort features that will allow users to travel and stay comfortably in their spaces. It usually has basic living areas such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living areas.

The special design caravan model is equipped with a 4x4 driving system. This makes it suitable for challenging terrain conditions. It offers the advantage of travelling easily on muddy roads, mountain roads and other difficult terrain conditions.

Technical Details

Mercedes Atego 4x4 is manufactured from 60 mm thick GRP material and offers users the opportunity to have a quality experience.
Mounted aluminium branch scrapers on the chassis and cup prevent branches from hitting the vehicle and possible impacts while travelling in nature.
The panoramic glass system is a concept that includes specially designed large glass panels. These glass panels are designed to bring more light and views into the interior. Thus, caravan users can see more of the natural beauty.
The remote control caravan control system provides ease of use and functionality to its users.
Remote controlled hydraulic support legs are a very useful feature for caravans. This system allows the caravan to stand more stably where it is parked and makes it easier for users to adjust the level of the caravan. Offering comfort and convenience for users, the remote control caravan control system offers advantages while travelling.

The electric rear platform storage area is a solution that makes transporting spare tyres and motorcycles more comfortable.
Caravan-specific double-layer Dometic windows provide heat and sound insulation.
The 4x2.5 Thule awning provides your caravan with an extra outdoor space, offering a useful canopy or shelter.
The Alde heater system provides heating and hot water supply in the Mercedes Atego 4x4 model designed and manufactured by SYA Mobil.
The Eberschpacher auxiliary diesel heater system helps to heat the interior efficiently, allowing travellers to spend their journeys in comfort.
Tools and equipment such as Thetford air conditioning, refrigerator, hob and sink have been placed with all the fine details you will need in the caravan. While the air conditioner meets your heating and cooling needs regardless of summer and winter, the refrigerator ensures that your food stays fresh while travelling. The stove helps you to cook delicious meals while travelling and helps you to accumulate unforgettable memories.

The 200 ahx2 lithium battery is used to meet the energy needs of the caravan and to operate equipment such as electrical appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems. Lithium batteries are preferred because they are lighter, efficient and long lasting.
Eberschpacher backup diesel heater system is used in Mercedes Atego 4x4 caravan model designed and manufactured by SYA Mobil. These heaters are used to provide heating inside the caravan and to keep the interior warm and comfortable. It is an important comfort item for caravan users especially in cold weather conditions or winter travelling. These heaters, which run on diesel fuel, are advantageous in terms of fuel efficiency and help to minimise fuel consumption.

The Victron 3kv inverter and Victron energy system help to make your caravan more energy independent and provide more comfort and freedom. This type of system is an advantage when camping or using your caravan for long trips.
The 400 litre stainless clean water tank offers a large capacity to meet the caravan's drinking water needs. This type of large water tank is suitable for long-term travelling or camping. In addition to using it for drinking water, this tank is also used for shower, kitchen use and other daily needs.
The 200 litre waste water tank is used to collect and store the caravan's waste water. Thanks to this type of tank, caravan users can store waste water such as toilet, kitchen sink and shower. The waste water tank is a properly designed and integrated element of the caravan in terms of hygiene and environmental protection. The waste water tank enables caravan users to properly manage waste water and comply with environmental compliance standards. Proper storage and disposal of waste water during travelling is both environmentally and hygienically important.