Mercedes Unimog U 1300 special design caravan is a mobile living space specially designed and built according to the needs and demands of an individual customer.

Mercedes Unimog U 1300 special design caravan is personalised in accordance with the needs and wishes of the owner.

Custom design caravan; It is an ideal option for those who love travelling, prefer to live in camping or mobile business owners. These caravans offer a comfortable living space while maintaining mobility.

Technical Details

Made of 60 mm thick GRP material, Mercedes Unimog U 1300 offers a perfect option for travel lovers. The high strength provided by GRP material increases the durability of the caravan against external factors, while its light weight saves fuel.
The highly insulated panel used in the production provides heat, sound and water insulation as well as fire safety.
Mounted aluminium branch scrapers on the body and cup prevent branches from hitting the vehicle and possible impacts while travelling in nature.
The electric openable alkoven system stands out with its functionality and offers comfort to its users.
The electric rear platform used for carrying spare tyres and motorcycles is a comfortable storage area.
The remote control caravan control system stands out with its ease of use and functionality.
Caravan-specific double-layer Dometic glasses provide efficient utilisation of sunlight as well as heat and sound insulation.

The 4x2.5 Thule awning expands the living spaces of travellers and offers extra space. In addition, Thule awning provides protection against weather conditions and offers the opportunity to use even on rainy or sunny days.
The Truma Diesel Boiler is a heating system used to provide hot water. This system produces hot water at the same time as heating your caravan, so you can have a comfortable supply of hot water while travelling. It usually runs on diesel fuel and heats the water by converting this fuel into heat energy. The system has a water tank and the heated water is stored in this tank. Users can obtain hot water from taps or shower heads according to their needs.
The Eberschpacher backup diesel heater system is used when the interior needs to be heated while travelling. These heaters can quickly and effectively heat the interior of the vehicle, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy a more comfortable travelling experience.

The Thetford air conditioner is designed to control the temperature of the interior and increase comfort in portable living spaces. The refrigerator, sink and hob in the kitchen area make users feel at home. The refrigerator keeps your food fresh while travelling. The hob helps you cook delicious meals and makes your journey more enjoyable. 
200 ahx2 lithium batteries are preferred because they are light, compact and have high energy density. It is used to meet the energy storage needs of the caravan. 
Victron Energy's 3kW inverter and energy management system offers an ideal energy solution for caravan owners. This system is used to meet the caravan's energy needs, optimise energy and make your trip more comfortable.