The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model is manufactured as a specially designed caravan, taking into account the special needs and demands of the person.

Designed by SYA Mobil as a mobile living space, this model offers a comfortable option for travel enthusiasts and camping lovers.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model provides a comfortable usage experience in all weather conditions and challenging roads.

It has been worked with 1st class workmanship to make its users feel at home while travelling.

The specially designed caravan, which is a reflection of the modern lifestyle that combines freedom and comfort, offers the user the opportunity to carry their home with them anytime and anywhere.

Customisable according to personal needs and preferences, the special design caravan allows each user to create their own dream living space.

The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 offers a highly functional design that is characterised by the cassette (hidden) balcony feature. This hidden balcony is concealed in the vehicle's exterior and can be easily opened when needed. This provides the perfect platform for enjoying impressive views while travelling or camping.

The Mercedes Unimog U 4000, designed by SYA Mobil, is a highly functional and comfortable vehicle equipped with a diesel space heater. This feature ensures that the interior is warm and cosy even in cold weather conditions. The diesel space heater takes on the task of bringing the interior of the vehicle to the desired temperature, thus maximising comfort when travelling or camping.

The diesel water heater in the Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model ensures that the water heats up quickly. This makes it ideal for showering, cooking or other hot water requirements. This feature, which further enhances the versatile and functional structure of the Unimog, offers a pleasant experience in all weather conditions.

The 3-way movable table in the Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model is a highly practical tool that draws attention with its functional feature. This feature allows users to easily customise the interior layout and workspaces. The 3-way mobile table feature is ideal for a range of different activities such as preparing meals, working or browsing travel memories.

The specially designed spare wheel feature offers extra safety and practicality to users. Offering a ready solution against tyre failures, the specially designed spare wheel makes users feel safe on long journeys or in difficult terrain conditions.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model is a vehicle equipped with an electric front/rear winch feature. This feature offers users the ability to easily lift and transport heavy loads. The electric winch helps you maximise the workforce while speeding up your work. The front and rear winches offer a wide range of uses, so that this vehicle not only makes your journeys easier, but also a powerful helper in demanding jobs.

The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model makes your journeys more comfortable with its two-way refrigerator feature. The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model offers an ideal solution to meet all your food and beverage needs while making your travels more enjoyable and practical with its refrigerator feature.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model, produced by SYA Mobil as a special design caravan, offers an environmentally friendly and energy efficiency oriented solution with its 600 watt solar panel feature. The solar panel feature offers a sustainable energy source both while travelling and in long-term camping experiences. Thus, users have the opportunity to protect nature and save energy.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model offers superior comfort and support to its drivers with its pneumatic driver's seat feature. This feature absorbs vibrations and irregularities of the road surface while driving, allowing the driver to have a more comfortable driving experience.

The air passenger seat feature offers superior comfort to passengers. This feature effectively reduces vibrations and road irregularities during the journey, allowing passengers to have a more comfortable travelling experience.

The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model is equipped with the Baja LED 1800 lumen feature, which makes the night vision experience as clear as daytime. This impressive feature increases safety by illuminating the surroundings during night journeys or off-road adventures. It makes night travelling more comfortable for the driver who can clearly see every detail of the road.