Mercedes Unimog U 4000, designed by SYA Mobil, is a unique model that stands out with its safe and comfortable structure.

Its unique design offers a perfect appearance and decorates the dreams of caravan lovers.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 also does not ignore driving comfort and safety. Its well-designed interior allows the driver to have a comfortable experience even during long-term use. 

The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 is a great choice that combines durability, power and versatility.

Designed and manufactured by SYA Mobil, this product is an indispensable vehicle for caravan lovers with its excellent engineering, durability, versatility and environmentally friendly features.

Technical Details

The aluminium frame of the Mercedes Unimog U 4000 is a great feature that combines the strength and lightness of the vehicle. Aluminium is a material that stands out for its lightness and durability, and these features contribute greatly to the performance of the Unimog U 4000. The aluminium frame improves fuel efficiency by reducing the vehicle's weight, while at the same time increasing its load carrying capacity.

The epoxy floor coating on the hidden (cassette) balcony in the mobile living area, the aluminium structure is non-slip and capable of carrying loads. 

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model has aluminium ladder. This ladder, which stands out with its light and robust structure, facilitates entry and exit to the caravan.

Specially designed spare wheel carriers for this model are often used to increase the capabilities of the vehicle and to ensure that the spare tyre is easily accessible. Such specially designed spare wheel carriers are systems that are mounted outside the vehicle and carry the spare tyre safely and easily.

400 litre clean water tank is designed to increase the water carrying capacity and meet long-term water needs.

800 litre dirty water (grey water) tank provides comfort to the users by storing the waste water used in the caravan.

Compost toilet (organic waste toilet) is an option for hygienic waste management in remote areas.

Fibre inset washbasin is a type of washbasin frequently used in modern bathroom design. The fibre inset washbasin used in the specially designed Mercedes Unimog U 4000 model is an excellent option for those who like modern and minimalist bathroom design.

The dimmer lighting used in the caravan solves the users' indoor and outdoor lighting problem and ensures that their journey or holiday is comfortable.

Caravan healers are items mounted on the roof of a caravan or campervan and are generally used for ventilation of the interior. They help to regulate airflow and control humidity levels in the interior, thus creating a more comfortable atmosphere inside the caravan.

Gas electric space heaters used in caravans are an ideal option to increase indoor comfort for travellers or those adopting caravan living.