The Mercedes Unimog U 4000 special design motorhome is distinguished by its ability to travel comfortably in difficult off-road conditions.

Four-wheel drive and high off-road capabilities offer the ability to take users to remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Specially designed according to the needs of the user, features such as interior space, sleeping areas, kitchen, bathroom and storage areas are customised.

The special design caravan produced by SYA Mobil is built to withstand heavy-duty conditions.

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 special design caravan is ideal for adventure lovers, off-road enthusiasts and those who love to live in touch with nature. However, this vehicle is unique as it is personalised and designed according to needs.

Technical Details

Made of 60 mm thick GRP material, Mercedes Unimog U 4000 provides protection of the caravan against external factors.
Insulated panel used in production; heat, sound, fire etc. offers insulation properties.
A remote control caravan control system is a system that helps to control a number of functions or devices of the caravan via remote control. This type of system provides caravan users with more comfort, convenience and safety during their travels.
The aluminium branch scrapers mounted on the chassis and coupe prevent branches from hitting the vehicle and possible impacts during travel.

Remote controlled hydraulic outriggers are a feature used to increase the stability of caravans and make the installation process easier. This system allows you to control the outriggers under the caravan by remote control. Remote controlled hydraulic outriggers help the caravan to be set up safely. This keeps the caravan stabilised and prevents tipping over.
Caravan special double-layer Dometic windows are used to provide better insulation, sound insulation and safety. It offers caravan users a more comfortable interior and better protection against external influences. Better view, safety, insulation etc. factors have encouraged the use of these glasses.

The Truma diesel heater system is used to heat the interior and provide hot water supply. It offers a comfortable environment while travelling and camping. It is preferred to increase indoor comfort and provide a more comfortable experience while travelling.
Eberschpacher backup diesel heater system helps to provide temperature control inside the caravan.  This system quickly warms up the caravan interior. This provides a warm environment in cold weather conditions.
The Victron 3kv inverter and Victron energy system make the caravan more energy independent, increasing comfort and making energy consumption more efficient.
The 400 litre stainless fresh water tank is ideal for supplying the caravan's drinking water needs and ensuring a clean water supply during extended trips or camping.

The 200 litre waste water tank is a component used to collect and store waste water from the Mercedes Unimog U 4000 caravan model designed and manufactured by SYA Mobil. This tank is designed to collect and discharge waste water from toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and other waste water sources.